Leia Cruise Luxury HouseBoat on Backwaters of Kerala

Once I arrived in Kochi in Kerala I understood that backwaters are one of the musts to do while visiting this part of the world. And one of the most favorite ways how to discover channels, lakes, and rivers of backwaters is by houseboat. Leia Cruise Luxury HouseBoat catch my eye immediately because it’s extremely beautiful and luxurious.

In Preparation for my Stay

For me, the best sources to search for accommodation is tripadvisor.com The Leia Cruise Luxury HouseBoat has extraordinary reviews so I had no doubt to book with them. They were pretty booked, but I was lucky to get a reservation for one night. The communication and the whole booking process was smooth and convenient.

On Arrival

The staff of the Leia Cruise Luxury Houseboat was waiting for me on the road. They helped me with my luggage and led me to the houseboat. On arrival, the waiter was waiting with a welcome drink for me.

Interior of Leia Cruise Luxury HouseBoat

First minutes I was sitting in the spacious living room connected with the dining table and enjoyed huge comfy sofas. You can immediately appreciate the combination of colors and small golden details, as a golden wooden tea table or candle holder. Later I get a chance to refresh myself in the beautiful sink placed in the corridor.

One member of staff led me to my bedroom placed on the upper floor of the houseboat. The room has its own balcony and huge french windows so you have a great view all the time. The wooden bed had golden decors and color tone was neutral. The bathroom was in the back of the room offering full privacy. Materials like white marble and dark wood are a matter of course. The bathroom is fully in Western style with all necessary essentials.

Delicious Traditional Kerala Food

While I was enjoying the room, chef prepared lovely traditional Kerala lunch. While I was eating, houseboat started to sail and I enjoyed a picturesque view of the lake and its shores.

After lunch, I was enjoying sun and wind and observed Chinese fishing nets, birds and everyday life of Indian people living there. I had chai with fried bananas.

In the evening I went for traditional Kerala food choice.

The morning was filled with the light of sunrise in the room. And in the morning I had traditional Kerala one and also Continental. After 2 weeks in Kerala having just traditional breakfast, I was so happy to get bread, egg omelet and butter with jam.

The staff of Leia cruise Luxury HouseBoat loves their work

The staff was from first to last moment very attentive, helpful and in good mood. The manager is always there to look after and listen to your inquiries. Chef for sure loves and understand food, as all my plates very delicious and nicely presented. The server brought all on time with the smile on his face. The captain of the houseboat was responsible and enjoying sailing around the lake. I would say: they are a great team altogether.

Would you stay at the houseboat in backwaters of Kerala?

What is the best thing you would enjoy at Leia Cruise Luxury HouseBoat?

Please let me know in comments!

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