Vera&Vittorio: DAY 1 – all the way from Bratislava to Balaton through Győr

It’s a day to start my trip. First stop is Győr and Balaton lake. And everything took longer than I wanted: to prepare all necessary things, finish work that had to be finished. Even I had a problem to put all of my things on the seat of co-driver and safely attach them. I was ready at 8 pm. It was a time of sunset.

It was a bit difficult to pack Vittorio. One neighbor showed me how to do it better 🙂

I went to meet my friends from my neighborhood. I showed them us. Packed and heavy. They laughed a bit. They were also happy, supporting and proud. I received last pieces of advice before my big trip. After some time we agreed that’s not a good idea to start in dark, so I stayed overnight at their place. We enjoyed a couple of shots of Bacardi for a good luck.

I started when dash panel showed almost 3150 km

In the morning I had my last coffee in Slovakia. Last good bye to my friends and went on my journey. I took a picture of dash panel to record a number of kilometers on the counter when I started. It says 3150 km.

These are first 50 kilometers and I felt so free and happy 🙂

I chose small and calm roads for my first kilometers. It was very enjoyable. But there were also short parts when I had to take a busy road. It was a first time I experienced truck overtaking me. It was a strong air pressure that moves you about half of meter to the corner of the road. I would rather make extra kilometers to avoid such a roads. It’s unpleasant and scary so I recommend to keep away from busy roads as much as possible.

When I arrived in Győr I took first opportunity to rest a bit. This is on banks of Southern Horde of the Danube River, where I had a quick homemade sandwich break. I observed ducks on left and police boat driving with tourist on the right.

After the sandwich, I lay down to relaxed my tired back. This was my view. The weather was perfect.

After a quick break, we moved closer to the city center. We parked in Sziged neighborhood next to the beautiful synagogue and started to discover the amazing center of Győr.

Exploring the center of Győr

Synagogue in Győr

The synagogue in Győr is built in neo-Romanesque style

The synagogue was built between 1868 and 1870 in neo-Romanesque style. A synagogue is nowadays used as a museum. You can find there a collection of art. Romanian János Vasilescu Sr. collected paintings and sculptures from 60′ till 2002.

Town Hall in Győr

Breath-taking Town Hall in Győr is a place to visit.

I walked about 15 minutes and found this magnificent architecture piece of art. The fountain is also refreshing in hot summer day. The Town Hall in Győr is a breath-taking place worthy to visit.

Church in Győr

Saint Ignatius Benedictine Church was built between 1634 and 1641 in Baroque style.

There is a huge Széchenyí Square. You can find there Saint Ignatius Benedictine Church and another refreshing fountain. A square is full of life, children play in the fountain. If you are hungry or just want to have a coffee, you can find there a couple of nice places.

On the way back I spotted bicycle in the water.

On the way back I spotted bicycle in the water. I started to wonder how my Vittorio is going to survive this trip. I walked faster to find my scooter quicker. After 30 minutes I found a place where I parked and we were ready to continue.

On the road again

We drove and drove through so many Hungarian fields.

We drove and drove, kilometers turned number 100. Sun was strong, but I was happy for this weather. Better than rain. I love that feeling. I have all in my hands.

Vittorio crossing the fields.

Grain ready for the harvest

Driving through the countryside of Hungary seems to offer a lot of views of the fields. This one is grain one ready for the harvest.

A herd of cows during sunset.

Sun was getting lower and I crossed more and more fields. This herd of cows was so nice and beautiful. I stop for a moment to greet then and photograph them. Amazing animals.

With patience, we crossed another 100 km. It was already dark. It started to be colder. I put warmer clothes. With sunset, we arrived at Balaton lake. But we needed to get to south banks as there was a camping site. It was colder and colder and also scary as the road was very dark.

In conclusion, we reached number 306 km. With that number, we also reached our camping site. I ate, set a ten and went sleep very tired.

Check out my more detailed video blog of the first day as well. 

Stay tuned to see how my journey continue!

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